As news about Road School 2017 travels across the internet I hear from countless parents that they wish they could do something like this with their children.  True, not every parent can pick up and travel in a van with their kid for a semester (and not everybody wants to do that!) but there is a creative alternative for kids who truly don’t fit in to, or feel stifled by, a traditional learning environment.  Pacific Sands Academy is unique in that they offer an interest-led, passion driven, independent studies program for teens AND kids can get transferable credits and transcripts for college.  No matter where you live in the US, kids families can participate because it is online – you can choose from weekly Skype meetings to once-a-month phone calls.  With the level of burn-out that some kids are feeling these days, and specifically how my kid was feeling, Pacific Sands Academy feels like an answer to a prayer.  It is a personalized, structured and affordable solution for us.  I am grateful that a program like this exists!