Wish List

Men’s Road Bike – We are competing in our first Sprint Triathlon at the end of October.  We will be training on the road.  Looking for a bike that will be a good fit for someone 6′ tall.

There are many costs associated with this journey we are about to embark on.  Finances are an issue.  I’m a single mom navigating work, life, and parenting two teenagers, the oldest of which is heading off to college in September.  If you would like to support us in our journey, it would be greatly appreciated.  Any amount helps!

They say it takes a village and I am humbly thanking you for being part of ours.  Bless your generous hearts!

Donations will go toward:

  • Online Educational Consultant
  • School Supplies
  • Educational Experiences (e.g. Museums, State Parks)
  • Gas
  • Campgrounds